Installing Quartus II 15.0

This article introduces about downloading and installing Quartus II 15.0

1. Download Quartus II 15.0

And download Altera device library which you want to develop.

  • Arria II 665MB

Download license from :

2. Installing Quartus and activation.

Components must be installed :

  • QuartusSetup-

  • QuartusHelpSetup-

Note After installation do not automatically start when the pop-up interface, select Cancel


  • decompression open

  • run inside “QuartusCrack.exe”

  • Click Find, select “C: \ altera \ 15.0 \ quartus \ bin64 \ gcl_afcq.dll” (See picture below).

  • Click Next

  • Click Finish


  • Start Quartus II 15.0

  • In “Evaluation Mode” interface, select “if you hava a valid license file, specify the location of your license file”.


  • Click ok, after that license window will appear.

  • Modify the three XXXXXXXXXXXX in license.dat file by for your NIC ID, (You can see example.dat file to know how to modify). See the picture below to know where to get your NIC ID.picture0

  • Copy license.dat to folder C: \ altera \ 15.0 \ licenses \

  • On license File option point to “C:\altera\15.0\licenses\license.dat” and then click OK.picture1

  1. Installation device library.

Program -> All Applications -> Altera> Quartus II 15.0 Device Installer


  • Select the directory you just downloaded device library is located;

  • Click next, and point to device folder you want to install.




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