[Book] UVM Cookbook Complete Verification Academy 2013


This book introduces Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) from Mentor Graphic Company.
The Accellera UVM standard was built on the principle of cooperation between EDA vendors and customers; this was made possible by the strong foundation of knowledge and experience that was donated to the standardization effort in the form of the existing OVM code base and contributions from VMM.
The result is a hybrid of technologies that originated in Mentor’s AVM, Mentor & Cadence’s OVM, Verisity’s eRM, and Synopsys’s VMM-RAL, tried and tested with our respective customers, along with several new technologies such as Resources, TLM2 and Phasing, all developed by Mentor and others to form UVM as we know it.
The book you are holding contains excerpts from this online resource, covering many aspects of the UVM and OVM.
Check out our UVM website to learn much more, and join others in finding out how you can leverage the UVM in your specific applications.

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